Alibaba and Hordes of bandits (Iran)

Alibaba and Hordes of bandits (Iran)

Long ago, in the Persian region (Now, Iran), there lived a brother and sister named Kasim and Alibaba. The eunuch, his brother, lives in wealth, but has a greedy nature and never wants to think about the life of his sister. While the younger brother, Alibaba, lives in need and lives in mountainous areas. To eat everyday Alibaba must collect firewood and sell it.

One day, Alibaba came home from looking for firewood. On the road he saw a band of rogues. “Huh, what is that? “It’s thieves, I have to hide,” Alibaba told herself. He immediately hid in the bushes for fear. From its hiding place, Alibaba watched the thieves who were busy taking down the loot from their horses. The leader of the thieves stood up and shouted, “Zam alakazam abra kadabra, the cave was opened.” And the door of the cave opened. Immediately his men lowered their looted treasures and put them in the cave. After all the treasures were entered the thief leader again shouted “Zam alakazam abra” kadabra, the cave is closed. “And the door to the cave closed itself. Then they all left their stolen property.

Feeling safe, Alibaba then approached the cave door and mimicked the words of the head of the thief earlier. How shocked was Alibaba, the cave door opened, he saw a lot of treasures in the cave, in the form of gold coins and other valuables. He also said, “wow … a lot of this treasure, let me take a little, so that I am not poor anymore and also to help my distressed neighbors.” Alibaba immediately put the money into the sack he was carrying.

Alibaba then went home. His wife was very surprised to see the treasure Alibaba brought. Alibaba also told his wife where the gold coins came from. Because it is too much, the gold money cannot be counted by Alibaba and his wife. They then agreed to borrow a jug of scales owned by his brother, Kasim. Alibaba immediately went to the Kasim’s house to borrow the jug. “Sis, Eunuch, may I borrow a jug of scales from Alibaba’s wife when she arrives at her sister’s house.” Hem, may I please bring this jug to your house, “answered Kasim with a suspicious face. Previously Kasim had applied a very sticky oil in the bottom of the jar, because he was suspicious when his younger brother wanted to borrow a jug of wealth scales, even though he knew that his sister had no possessions.

The next day Alibaba came back and returned the jug of the scales. How shocked the eunuch was because there was gold money stuck inside the jug. Out of curiosity how come his brother could have gold coins, he rushed to Alibaba’s house. Arriving at Alibaba’s house, Kasim immediately asked about the gold coins.

Alibaba who honestly also told everything to her brother. After that eunuch said goodbye, with a smile he said to himself, “hem., The treasure in the cave I can brush out.” When I got home, eunuch was preparing a horse-drawn carriage to transport the treasures in the cave. After that eunuch rushed to the cave told Alibaba.

“Zam alakazam abra kadabra, the cave is opened,” Kasim shouted until the cave door. The cave was opened, Kasim immediately entered with his horse carriage and shouted again “Zam alakazam abra kadabra, the cave was closed.” In the cave he also put the treasure into his horse carriage After the train is full of treasures, Kasim also intends to return home. “He … he … finally this treasure will be mine, my wealth will increase he he,” said Kasim.

But when about to open the door Kasim forgot his spell, he was confused. He repeatedly chanted mantras but kept going wrong and the door did not move. “By the way, I forgot the spell, how can I get out of here?” Said the eunuch while wiping the sweat from his forehead. The eunuch thought hard, in the end he remembered, “oh yes, I remember now, Zam alakazam abra kadabra, the cave opened,” “Kasim shouted. And the door opened.

How shocked Eunuch because in front of the cave door there were thieves. The thieves were also surprised, one of them shouted, “Hey there is a thief! Let’s catch him and kill him. ”The eunuch immediately ran away but he was caught and taken to the head of the thief. The eunuch who was frightened said, “Forgive me sir … gosh do not kill me sir …” But the head of the famous thief is very cruel, did not give mercy to the eunuch. “My men, kill this thief,” told the thief’s head. the thief killed the eunuch and cut his body and put him in the cave.

At home, the Kasim’s wife began to worry because it had not been going home all day. “Duh … how come my husband hasn’t returned home either, he has been gone a long time, I’m afraid something will happen to him,” Kasim’s wife said. Then Kasim’s wife went to Alibaba and told her husband who had gone to the cave and never returned.

The kindhearted Alibaba is also worried to hear the story of his sister’s wife. He was afraid if his brother met the thieves in the cave. Alibaba immediately ran towards the cave and was right what she was worried about. When he got there he was very surprised to find his brother’s body had been cut off. Alibaba was sad, she immediately brought her sister’s body home.

Upon arrival at the house, Kasim’s wife wept bitterly seeing what had happened to her husband. “Hu … hu … hh … how about this, how can I continue to live if my husband is gone, who will work to make money if my husband has died,” cried Kasim’s wife. Alibaba felt sorry to see her brother-in-law then gave him a bag of gold coins. Getting a bag of money, Kasim’s wife immediately stopped crying and smiling, she had forgotten the fate of her poor husband. Then Alibaba took Kasim’s body to the cobbler to sew it back to normal. After completion, Alibaba paid a few gold coins.

A few days later, the thieves returned to the cave, they were surprised because the body of the Eunuch was no longer available. “Hey where is the corpse of the thief yesterday, why isn’t there, there must be someone else who knows about the secret of this cave, let’s quickly find him and kill him !,” said the chief robber.

One of the thieves then arrived at the cobbler, he then asked the cobbler. “Hey, cobbler, do you know that lately there is a rich person suddenly in this area? Without hesitation, the soles replied,” I am that person, because after sewing the corpse that was cut off, I became a rich man. ” ! Corpse! Who asked you to do that ?, “asked the robber.” Tell me where the house is, then you will get the reward. ”

After receiving money from thieves, the cobbler gave Alibaba’s home address. The robber immediately gave a cross at Alibaba’s door. “I will report to the chairman, and later we will come to kill him,” said the thief.

Then the thief found his chairman who was also on a tour. “Chairman, I’ve found the person who stole our property, he’s named Alibaba, I’ve scouted his house and marked it, let’s kill the Alibaba,” said the thief. “Wait a minute, lest anyone else knows the secret. we, let me go there later, I will be disguised as an oil trader and stay at his house. I will make sure if there are other people who know the place of our property, after that I will finish him, “replied the chief robber.” Now let us to headquarters and prepare everything, “continued the chief robber.” Okay leader, “the robbers answered obeying the chairman’s order.

It turned out that the talk of the thieves was accidentally overheard by Alibaba’s neighbors who were often helped by Alibaba. The neighbor thought hard about how to help Alibaba.

In the evening, Alibaba was visited by a chief thief who disguised himself as an oil trader who was overnight and begged to stay a day at his home. Alibaba is kind and inviting guests to come in and treat them well. He did not recognize the face of the chief thief.

Alibaba’s neighbor who heard the thief’s conversation was lurking about what happened at Alibaba’s house from afar. He recognized the face of the thief’s head. He thought hard about how to tell Alibaba that his guest was the head of an undercover thief.

The neighbor of Alibaba then had an idea, he disguised himself as a dancer. He went to Alibaba’s house to dance. When Alibaba, his wife and guest were cool watching the dance, Alibaba’s neighbor quickly threw the small sword he had slipped on his shirt to Alibaba’s chest. Instantly the head of the undercover thief was killed.

Alibaba and his wife were shocked, “Hey dancer, what have you done, why did you kill my guest,” Alibaba snapped. Alibaba’s neighbor immediately opened his cover and told him that the merchant was actually the chief robber. Finally Alibaba and his wife understood, he also thanked his neighbor for saving his life.

After everything was over, Alibaba then distributed the money from the robbers to people who could not afford it.

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Alibaba dan Gerombolan Penyamun (Iran)

Alibaba dan Gerombolan Penyamun (Iran)

Dahulu kala, di wilayah Persia (Sekarang, Iran), hiduplah orang kakak beradik bernama Kasim dan Alibaba. Kasim, sang kakak, hidup bergelimang harta, namun memiliki sifat serakah dan tidak pernah mau memikirkan kehidupan adiknya. Sedangkan si adik, Alibaba, hidup serba kekurangan dan tinggal di daerah pegunungan. Untuk makan sehari-hari Alibaba harus mengumpulkan kayu bakar dan menjualnya.

Pada suatu hari, Alibaba pulang dari mencari kayu bakar. Di jalan ia melihat se- gerombol penyamun. “Hah apa itu? Itu adalah para penyamun, aku harus bersembunyi,” ujar Alibaba dalam hati. Ia pun segera bersembunyi di semak-semak karena takut. Dari tempat persembunyiannya, Alibaba memperhatikan para penyamun yang sedang sibuk menurunkan harta rampokannya dari kuda mereka. Si pemimpin penyamun berdiri dan berteriak, “Zam alakazam abra kadabra, gua terbukalah.” Dan pintu gua pun terbuka. Dengan segera anak buahnya menurunkan harta rampokan mereka dan memasukkannya dalam gua. Setelah semua harta dimasukkan pemimpin penyamun kembali berteriak “‘‘Zam alakazam abra kadabra, gua tertutuplah.” Dan pintu gua pun menutup sendiri. Lalu mereka semua pergi meninggalkan harta curian mereka.

Merasa aman, Alibaba lalu mendekati pintu gua dan menirukan ucapan kepala penyamun tadi. Betapa kagetnya Alibaba, pintu gua terbuka, ia melihat banyak sekali harta di dalam gua, berupa kepingan uang emas dan barang berharga lainnya. Ia pun berkata, “wow… banyak sekali harta ini, biar aku ambil sedikit, agar aku tidak miskin lagi dan juga untuk membantu tetanggaku yang kesusahan.” Dengan segera Alibaba memasukkan uang-uang itu ke dalam karung yang dibawanya.

Alibaba lalu pulang ke rumah. Istrinya sangat terkejut melihat harta yang dibawa Alibaba. Alibaba pun bercerita pada istrinya dari mana asal uang-uang emas itu. Karena terlalu banyak, uang emas tersebut tidak dapat dihitung Alibaba dan istrinya. Mereka kemudian sepakat untuk meminjam kendi timbangan milik saudaranya, Kasim. Alibaba segera pergi ke rumah Kasim untuk meminjam kendi tersebut. “Kak Kasim, bolehkah aku pinjam kendi timbanganmutanya istri Alibaba sesampai di rumah kakaknya. “Hem, boleh saja silahkan bawa kendi timbangan ini ke rumahmu,” jawab Kasim dengan wajah penuh curiga. Sebelumnya Kasim sudah mengoleskan minyak yang sangat lengket dalam dasar kendi, karena ia curiga saat adiknya mau meminjam kendi timbangan harta, padahal ia tahu kalau adiknya ini tidak memiliki harta.

Keesokan harinya Alibaba datang lagi dan mengembalikan kendi timbangan. Betapa kagetnya kasim karena ada uang emas yang menempel di dalam kendi. Karena penasaran kok Adiknya bisa punya uang emas, ia pun bergegas pergi ke rumah Alibaba. Sampai di rumah Alibaba, Kasim segera menanyakan tentang uang emas itu.

Alibaba yang jujur pun menceritakan semuanya pada kakaknya. Setelah itu Kasim pamit, dengan tersenyum ia bilang dalam hati, “hem., harta di gua itu bisa aku sikat habis.” Sampai di rumah, Kasim pun menyiapkan kereta kuda untuk mengangkut harta yang ada di gua. Setelah itu kasim bergegas pergi ke gua yang diceritakan Alibaba.

“Zam alakazam abra kadabra, gua terbukalah,” teriak Kasim sampai di pintu gua. Gua pun terbuka, Kasim segera masuk bersama kereta kudanya dan berteriak lagi “Zam alakazam abra kadabra, gua tertutuplah.” Di dalam gua ia pun memasukkan harta ke kereta kudanya. Setelah keretanya penuh harta, Kasim pun berniat kembali ke rumah. “He.. he… akhirnya harta ini akan menjadi milikku, kekayaanku akan semakin bertambah he he,” ucap Kasim.

Namun saat akan membuka pintu Kasim lupa mantranya, ia pun bingung. Berkali- kali ia mengucapkan mantra tapi salah terus dan pintu tidak bergerak. “Duh bagaimana ini, aku lupa mantranya, bagaimana aku bisa keluar dari sinLduh,” ucap Kasim sambil mengusap keringat di dahinya. Kasim berpikir keras, pada akhirnya ia ingat, “oh iya, aku ingat sekarang, Zam alakazam abra kadabra, gua terbukalah,” teriak Kasim. Dan pintu pun terbuka.

Betapa kagetnya Kasim karena di depan pintu gua sudah ada para penyamun. Para penyamun juga terkejut, salah seorang dari mereka berteriak, “Hei ada maling! Ayo tangkap dan bunuh dia.” Kasim segera lari namun ia tertangkap dan dibawa ke kepala penyamun. Kasim yang ketakutan pun berkata, “Ampun tuan… ampun jangan bunuh saya tuan…” Namun kepala penyamun yang terkenal sangat kejam, tidak memberi ampun kepada Kasim. “Anak buahku, habisi pencuri ini,” suruh kepala penyamun. Anak buah penyamun pun membunuh Kasim dan memotong tubuhnya lalu dimasukkan ke dalam gua.

Di rumah, istri Kasim mulai kuatir karena sudah seharian Kasim tidak kunjung pulang. “Duh.. kok suamiku belum pulang-pulang juga ya, ia sudah pergi lama sekali, aku takut terjadi apa-apa padanya,” ujar istri Kasim. Kemudian istri Kasim menemui Alibaba dan menceritakan suaminya yang pergi ke gua dan tak kunjung pulang.

Alibaba yang baik hati juga khawatir mendengar cerita istri kakaknya. Ia takut jika kakaknya bertemu para penyamun di gua. Alibaba segera berlari menuju gua dan benar apa yang dikhawatirkannnya. Sampai di sana ia sangat terkejut karena mendapati tubuh kakaknya sudah terpotong. Alibaba sedih, ia segera membawa tubuh kakaknya ke rumah.

Setibanya di rumah, istri Kasim menangis sejadi-jadinya melihat apa yang sudah terjadi pada suaminya. “Hu… bagaimana ini, bagaimana aku bisa melanjutkan hidup jika suamiku sudah tiada, siapa yang akan bekerja mencari uang jika suamiku sudah meninggal,” tangis istri Kasim. Alibaba merasa iba melihat kakak iparnya lalu memberikan sekantung uang emas kepadanya. Mendapat sekantong uang, istri Kasim segera berhenti menangis dan tersenyum, ia sudah lupa akan nasib suaminya yang malang. Lalu Alibaba membawa tubuh Kasim ke tukang sepatu untuk menjahitnya kembali seperti semula. Setelah selesai, Alibaba memberikan upah beberapa uang emas.

Beberapa hari kemudian, para penyamun kembali lagi ke gua, mereka terkejut karena mayat Kasim sudah tidak ada lagi. “Hey di mana mayat pencuri kemarin, kenapa tidak ada, pasti ada orang lain yang tahu tentang rahasia gua ini, ayo kita segera cari dia dan bunuh dia!,” kata sang kepala penyamun. Gerombolan penyamun segera berpencar dan mulai berkeliling ke pelosok kota.

Salah seorang penyamun itu kemudian sampai pada tukang sepatu, ia pun bertanya kepada tukang sepatu itu. “Hey, tukang sol sepatu, apakah kau tahu jika akhir-akhir ini ada orang yang kaya mendadak di wilayah ini? Tanpa ragu tukang sol menjawa, “Akulah orang itu, karena setelah menjahit mayat yang terpotong, aku menjadi orang kaya.” “Apa! Mayat! Siapa yang memintamu melakukan itu?,” tanya penyamun. “Beritahu aku di mana rumahnya, nanti kau akan mendapatkan upah yang setimpal.”

Setelah menerima uang dari penyamun, tukang sepatu memberi tahu alamat rumah Alibaba. Si penyamun segera memberi tanda silang di pintu rumah Alibaba. “Aku akan melaporkan pada ketua, dan nanti kami akan datang untuk membunuhnya,” kata si penyamun.

Kemudian penyamun itu menemui ketuanya yang juga sedang berkeliling. “Ketua, aku sudah menemukan orang yang mencuri harta kita, dia bernama Alibaba, rumahnya sudah aku intai dan aku tandai, ayo kita habisi si Alibaba itu,” kata si penyamun. “Tunggu dulu, jangan-jangan ada orang lain lagi yang tahu rahasia kita, biarlah aku saja yang nanti ke sana, aku akan menyamar menjadi pedagang minyak dan menginap di rumahnya. Aku akan pastikan apakah ada orang lain lagi yang tahu tempat harta kita, setelah itu aku akan menghabisinya,” jawab ketua penyamun. “Sekarang mari kita ke markas dan mempersiapkan semuanya,” lanjut ketua penyamun. “Baiklah ketua,” jawab para penyamun mematuhi perintah ketuanya.

Ternyata pembicaraan para penyamun itu tidak sengaja terdengar oleh tetangga Alibaba yang kerap dibantu Alibaba. Si tetangga itu pun berpikir keras bagaimana cara menolong Alibaba.

Malam harinya, Alibaba didatangi seorang kepala penyamun yang menyamar menjadi seorang pedagang minyak yang kemalaman dan memohon untuk menginap sehari di rumahnya. Alibaba yang baik hati mempersilahkan tamunya masuk dan mem­perlakukannya dengan baik. Ia tidak mengenali wajah si kepala penyamun.

Tetangga Alibaba yang mendegar percakapan penyamun tadi mengintai apa yang terjadi di rumah Alibaba dari jauh. Ia mengenali wajah kepala penyamun tersebut. Ia berpikir keras bagaimana cara untuk memberitahu Alibaba jika tamunya itu adalah kepala penyamun yang menyamar.

Tetangga Alibaba kemudian punya ide, ia menyamar sebagai seorang penari. Ia pergi ke rumah Alibaba untuk menari. Ketika Alibaba, istri dan tamunya sedang asik menonton tarian, tetangga Alibaba dengan cepat melemparkan pedang kecil yang sudah ia selipkannya di bajunya ke dada tamu Alibaba. Seketika itu juga kepala penyamun yang menyamar tewas.

Alibaba dan istrinya kaget, “Hey penari, apa yang sudah kau lakukan, kenapa kau membunuh tamuku,” gertak Alibaba. Tetangga Alibaba itu segera membuka samarannya dan memberitahu bahwa pedagang itu sebenarnya adalah kepala penyamun. Akhirnya Alibaba dan istrinya paham, ia pun berterima kasih kepada tetangganya itu karena sudah menyelamatkan hidupnya.

Setelah semuanya berlalu, Alibaba kemudian membagikan uang peninggalan para penyamun kepada orang-orang yang tidak mampu.

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