One day, Mouse Deer was walking around the fields owned by Mr. Farmer. He really wanted to eat cucumbers, but Mr. Farmer always watched his garden. Because deemed unable to steal cucumbers, Mouse Deer left the place.

Along the way, Mouse Deer met a cow. With his ingenuity, Mouse Deer invites Cows to steal cucumbers in the fields of Pak Tani. However, the Cow refused the invitation of the Mouse Deer because he felt sorry for Mr. Farmer. Mouse Deer very disappointed.

“Basic Cow, you are pretentious. Just say you’re afraid of Mr. Farmer, “huffed Mouse Deer annoyed.

Mouse Deer continues his journey. Suddenly there was a goat engrossed in grazing. Mouse Deer also invited the Goat to steal cucumbers in the fields of Pak Tani. However, the Goat also rejected it for the same reason as the Cow. Again, Mouse Deer must be disappointed. But, he was still eager to find friends to be invited to steal cucumbers.

Mouse Deer arrived at the edge of a puddle. He saw a buffalo bathing in the mud. Called the buffalo to the edge. After making small talk, Mouse Deer invites the buffalo to steal cucumbers.

“Hi, my best friend Buffalo. Would you mind taking cucumbers in Pak Tani’s garden? The cucumbers there look very fresh. You will definitely like it, “said the mouse deer persuading the buffalo.

Without thinking, the buffalo accepted a deer invitation. Buffalo does not know if he is only used deer.

The two of them then walked together towards the farmer’s cucumber field. Mouse Deer walked behind the big buffalo body, so that only Farmers could see only buffalo passing by on the edge of the field.

Pak Tani is also not suspicious in the slightest to Buffalo, because Buffalo has never stolen his cucumber. However, over time Pak Tani became suspicious of the Buffalo. Every time a buffalo passes, its cucumber is always gone.

One time, when the Buffalo and the Mouse Deer were in action, Mr. Farmer managed to catch the Buffalo. While Mouse Deer survived because it had escaped.

Pak Tani is angry at Buffalo. Buffalo also explained that Mouse Deer stole it. But, Pak Tani does not believe. In exchange, the Buffalo had to plow the fields of Mr. Tani. Since then, every day buffalo plow Pak Tani’s rice fields with a neck tied to a mine.

Moral message :

If any of your friends invite you to do bad, reject it. Advise your friend so that he always does good