Chunhyang and Yi Mong-ryong (South Korea)

Chunhyang and Yi Mong-ryong (South Korea)

The story from South Korea is about the love of a couple named Chunhyang and Yi Mong-ryong. Chunhyang is an ordinary girl who is a street dancer who has a beautiful face. While Yi Mong-ryong came from the aristocratic class because he was the son of the governor of the city of Namwon, Jeolla province. The two lovebirds love each other, even though they know that if the relationship between different social classes will not be condoned.

The story begins with the city of Namwon. An official son named Yi Mong-ryong grew up to be a very handsome young man. One morning, he wanted to see the scenery in the good wild. He also called an assistant named Bangja. “Bangja, do you know of a place where I can see beautiful views in this area?” Said Yi Mong-ryong. “Oh … there is a lord, the place is near the Ojak Bridge, there you can see the beautiful natural scenery,” jawan Bangja. “Then let’s take me there,” said Yi Mong-ryong. Bangja answered, “Alright sir, let’s go.”

They then left for the Ojak Bridge. When we got there, Yi Mong-ryong was amazed to see such a beautiful and fascinating view. Then while Yi Mong-ryong was walking, from a distance he saw a beautiful girl who was playing swing under a tree. Yi Mong-ryong was fascinated by the beauty of the girl and asked Bangja, “Hey Bangja, do you know who the girl is playing with the swing?” Asked Yi Mong-ryong. “Oh … you know, sir, she is named Chunhyang, she come from the grass roots like me, “said Bangja. Bangja said that the girl was not only known for her beauty but also her kindness.

Yi Mong-ryong was even more impressed, so he ordered his servants to come to Chunhyang and tell him he would meet me. Bangja then carried out his master’s orders. Bangja politely told Chunhyang that his master wanted to meet him. But Chunhyang then said to Bangja, “Sorry sir do you know that butterflies have to chase a flower, and geese have to look for the ocean?” Said Chunhyang. Receiving that answer Bangja then excused himself and returned to his master and said what Chunhyang had said.

Yi Mong-ryong became disappointed, but Bangja then encouraged his master and suggested that his master meet the girl himself. Yi Mong-ryong paused for a moment while continuing to look at Chunhyang from a distance, he spoke silently, “It’s true Bangja said, I really have to meet the girl herself, today I was lucky to see her, lest my luck disappear tomorrow, “thought Yi Mong-ryong. But before Yi Mong-ryong met the girl, Chunhyang who felt uncomfortable because he was constantly looked at by Yi Mong-ryong finally ran back to his house.

Since that incident Yi Mong-ryong kept thinking about Chunhyang. He became unable to concentrate while studying because in his head he always pictured Chunhyang’s face. Then Yi Mong-ryong called for Bangja, “Bangja, I have to meet the girl from yesterday tonight, didn’t the girl say that the butterfly must chase a flower ?,” Yi Mong-ryong said. “Come take me to his house,” Yi Mong-ryong continued. Yi Mong-ryong and his assistant Bangja went to Chunhyang’s house without the knowledge of Yi Mong-ryong’s father.

On the other hand, at Chunhyang’s house, his mother was talking to Chunhyang. His mother said that last night he had a dream where there was a blue dragon surrounding Chunhyang’s body and then grabbed Chunhyang and took him flying to the sky. Ms. Chunhyang is confused about the purpose of the dream.

Soon Yi Mong-ryong arrived with Bangja. They conveyed their intention to Chunhyang’s mother that Yi Mong-ryong wanted to propose to Chunhyang. Chunhyang’s mother was very happy, because she knew that Yi Mongrhyong was the son of a noble nobleman, so he called his son to meet Yi Mong-ryong.

Although she is very happy if her daughter will be edited by Yi Mong-ryong, Chunhyang’s mother who understands customary rules is a bit worried. He also said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Yi Mong-ryong, you are from the aristocracy while we are just commoners, of course, an official marriage will not be possible because it is against the custom,” said Chunhyang’s mother.

Yi Mong-ryong and Chunhyang, who had fallen in love with each other, were lethargic at their mother’s explanation. Yi Mong-ryong also said, “Yeah right, but I love your son sincerely I want to marry him, is there no other way that I can be with your child ?,” Yi Mong-ryong asked.

Ms. Chunhyang also said, “Actually there are masters, because of this difference in degree, officially marriage is impossible, unless you write a marriage certificate in secret and promise not to abandon Chunhyang,” added Mrs. Chunhyang.

Then, Yi Mong-ryong took a brush and wrote a sentence that read: “The blue ocean might turn into a mulberry fruit field, and the mulberry field might turn into a blue ocean. But my heart’s desire for Chunhyang will never be changed forever. Heaven and earth, the gods who are witnesses. ”

In short, after that they married secretly. Ms. Chunhyang and Bangja were witnesses. After the secret marriage, Yi Mong-ryong always came to see his girlfriend. They are happy and love each other. Sometimes Chunhyang has to remind her husband to go home and study so that later he can become a big official like his father.

Unfortunately, happiness was not long because the family of Yi Mong-ryong had to move to the capital city of Seoul because of his father’s work. And Yi Mong-ryong must accompany his father. Yi Mong-ryong then came to see Chunhyang and spread the bad news. The couple was forced to separate.

Chunhyang released her husband at the Ojak Bridge. Chunhyang then gave Yi Mong-ryong a ring, “This is a sign of my love for you, keep this ring until the day we will meet again. Go calmly, but don’t forget me. I will remain loyal to you and wait for you to come back to take me away to Seoul, “said Chunhyang sadly. After that they separated.

Before long, a new city official came to replace Yi Mong-ryong’s father in Namwon. This new official named Byun Hakdo, he is very authoritarian. Nothing, he had told his subordinates to bring the prettiest girl from Namwon who was none other than beautiful Chunhyang. With coercion finally Chunhyang was brought to the new official.

Seeing the beautiful Chunhyang, Byun Hakdo was immediately interested and wanted to marry her. Chunhyang refuses softly but Byun Hakdo continues to force. In the end Chunhyang said that he was attached to Yi Mong-ryong. That made Byun Hakdo angry and put Chunhyang in prison.

Even Chunhyang who felt innocent protested, “I didn’t do anything wrong. As a wife, it is the right thing for me to remain loyal to her husband. It’s the same as officials who are loyal to their king, “said Chunhyang while reminding Byun Hakdo. But instead of Byun Hakdo aware, he even more angry until finally Chunhyang lived in jail.

Meanwhile in Seoul, Yi Mong-ryong focused on studying. And while taking the national examination, he passed with high marks. Because of his intelligence, Yi Mong-ryong got an offer to work in the palace to become one of the king’s aides.

When the King congratulated Yi Mong-ryong for successfully passing the exam, the King asked, “Do you want to serve as a royal official?” Asked the King. “I want a position as amhaeng osa (a kind of police inspector),” Yi Mong-ryong answered. The king then raised Yi Mong-ryong as amhaeng osa because it was appropriate for him.

After serving as amhaeng osa, Yi Mong-ryong ventured into ten Korean lands and disguised himself as beggars. He then headed for Namwon. On the way, he approached a farmer. From there he learned that his father’s successor governor named Byun Hakdo was a cruel governor. Farmers are required to pay so much tax that they become poor.

Yi Mong-ryong then asked, “I heard that Governor Byun Hakdo has married Chunhyang and they are now living happily,” Yi Mong-ryong asked for information. Suddenly he was jerked by one of the peasants, “How dare you say that young man, where’s that news from? don’t ever say something you don’t know, Chunhyang is a poor loyal girl. Because of his loyalty, he is now in prison. ”

Then another said, “Chunhyang’s misfortune was none other than the son of the official who used to marry Chunhyang, but in the end left the girl and never returned … what a pity that Chunhyang … kept waiting for that cowardly young man.”

Hearing the peasant’s words, Yi Mong-ryong was shocked, then he left the farmers. On the road he ran into a group of local youths, he heard the young men talking to swear at the new official. What made Yi Mong-ryong even more shocked was when one of the young men said that Chunhyang would be sentenced to death between 2-3 days for not accepting the new governor’s proposal. Yi Mongrhyong became very worried about his wife’s condition, so he devised a plan to release her while continuing to search for information.

Meanwhile Chunhyang was still locked up in prison, he was so sick that his body had become thin and his face was pale. One day, he dreamed of being in his yard, the flowers he had planted were now withered, the mirror in his room was broken, and his shoes were hanging at the entrance. Because of that dream, Chunhyang became anxious and then asked the blind grandfather who was also imprisoned.

The blind grandfather then explained the meaning of Chunhyang’s dream, “The withered flowers will grow again and bear fruit into new flowers, the sound of broken mirrors means the news will be heard throughout the country, while the shoes on the door are a sign that many people will come to say bye.”

Chunhyang also thanked the blind grandfather and hoped that the meaning of his dream would be truly real. But on the other hand Chunhyang did not expect much because in a few more he would be executed concurrently with a party held by the governor.

Meanwhile, Yi Mong-ryong finally arrives in Namwon city and goes straight to Chunhyang’s house. At first his mother-in-law did not recognize him because Yi Mong-ryong was dressed as a beggar. Then Yi Mong-ryong asked his mother-in-law to deliver it to Chunhyang. Thanks to the help of his mother-in-law, Yi Mong-ryong and Chunhyang finally met. Yi Mong-ryong was very happy to see Chunhyang because he had not seen his wife in a long time. The same thing was felt by Chunhyang. Chunhyang then said, “Tomorrow I will be sentenced to death, I want you to come in the morning because I want to see your face for the last time,” said Chunhyang while crying. Yi Mong-ryong and Chunhyang’s mother then left.

Chunhyang and his mother did not know that in fact Yi Mong-ryong was an amhaeng osa, they thought that Yi Mong-ryong’s family had gone bankrupt so that Yi Mong-ryong would later become a beggar.

After that, Yi Mong-ryong also drew up a plan after coordinating the police officers in Namwon. Yi Mong-ryong advised all his subordinates that his disguise should not be exposed before the time comes.

The day of Chunhyang’s party and execution arrived. It is customary for royal officials to throw large parties, beggars will arrive to beg for alms. Yi Mong-ryong also came in a beggar’s outfit.

Yi Mong-ryong joins other beggars. Then he ran into a governor’s subordinate named Yongjang. “Sir … I am very hungry, can you give me some food,” pleaded Yi Mong-ryong. Seeing the beggar, Yongjang felt compassion and then told an assistant to bring food. “Thank you, because you gave me food. I will give you a reply in the form of a poem,” said Yi Mong-ryong.

Yi Mong-ryong stood up to give a piece of paper in the form of a poem he made, the following poem:

Wine filled in beautiful cups

Is the blood of thousands of people

The meat was magnificently presented on the jade table

It is flesh and trouble for thousands of years

What burned at this lavish banquet was the tears of those who were starving.

Noise from the singing of the nobles

It sounds the same as the complaints of the farmers.

Yongjang was shocked to read poem from the beggar Yi Mong-ryong because this poem seemed to insult the officials, he then wanted to ask the beggar but Yi Mong-ryong had disappeared to join other beggars.

Yongjang felt insulted, he then went to Byun Hakdo and gave the poem. Reading the poem, Byun Hakdo was immediately furious, “Who dared to write this poem?” Byun Hakdo asked furiously. “One of the young beggars,” Yongjang said. “Damn that beggar, he has already insulted …,” said Byun Hakdo.

“Guards !!!! Look for the beggar who made this poem and bring it to me, “Byun Hakdo shouted to his guards. The guards rushed to look for beggars in the front yard followed by Byun Hakdo. But not yet out of the yard, Byun Hakdo was surprised because many members of the royal police arrived. Yi Mong-ryong then comes out of the group of beggars and then tells him his true identity. Byun Hakdo was immediately arrested because he had acted unfairly, causing misery to the people.

Now Yi Mong-ryong is taking over the job of Byun Hakdo. He then immediately sent guards to bring Chunhyang to him for trial, “Tell the woman named Chunhyang that the emissary of the king has come to try his case,” Yi Mong-ryong said to the guards. Guards also rushed into the detention room. Once inside, the guards immediately dragged Chunhyang, “Come with us, now is the time for you to be tried because the royal guards have come,” the guards told Chunhyang.

Chunhyang was very scared and cried, calling out to his mother who had accompanied him since morning. “Mother, my life is over mother, goodbye mother … Where is Yi Mong-ryong … why didn’t he meet me at the end of my life ?,” Chunhyang asked his mother. “Don’t say much, let’s hurry up, the royal messenger is waiting,” the bodyguard snapped. Chunhyang was brought to court.

Chunhyang was put on trial, Yi Mong-ryong sat in the judge’s chair behind a white screen covering his face. He then said to Chunhyang, “Chunhyang, this is your trial, if you don’t want to accept Byun Hakdo’s love, what if I ask you to be my wife, do you want? If you want you to be free from your punishment,” Yi Mong-ryong said.

Chunhyang, who was initially afraid of getting angry, said the royal official, “Oh … God … how miserable the poor people in this country are! They are only made slaves to officials, an inspector who is supposed to bring justice to the people, it turns out the same as oppressive governor Byun Hakdo … Oh God show your justice Lord !!!, “Chunhyang shouted.

Yi Mong-ryong then ordered the bailiff to untie Chunhyang’s arm. “Now raise your head and look at me!” Yi Mong-ryong said to Chunhyang. “No! I don’t want to see you, sir, you can punish me immediately, I’m ready to be punished instead of continuing to see the officials’ rottenness and injustice! !!, “answered Chunhyang.

Yi Mong-ryong was touched by his wife’s words. He took off the ring that Chunhyang had given him, then told the guards to show Chunhyang. After Chunhyang saw the ring, he immediately turned around and saw the police inspector. Chunhyang cried happily when he found out the person behind the screen was her husband Yi Mong-ryong. “Oh, God … thank you for showing your justice, yesterday my husband was just a beggar and now a royal inspector !,” Chunhyang said beaming. Yi Mong-ryong and Chunhyang then hugged each other.

Meanwhile, governor Byun Hakdo was tried and revoked his position. He was then exiled to a desert island because of his crime. All the people of Namwon are happy to see the return of Yi Mong-ryong who brought justice and now they are no longer oppressed and live peacefully.

After that, Yi Mong-ryong took Chunhyang to the capital city of Seoul. Yi Mong-ryong reported the Byun Hakdo case and told the King the story. The king was touched to hear the story of Yi Mong-ryong and gave the aristocracy to Chunhyang. For the King, even though Chunhyang was born from a poor family, and his mother was a street dancer, Chunhyang’s attitude was a model that all women should emulate because of his loyalty.

Then Yi Mong-ryong brought Chunhyang to his family. Their relationship is now blessed. A big wedding was held at Yi Mong-ryong’s house. Now Yi Mongrongong and Chunhyang live happily ever after.

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Chunhyang dan Yi Mong-ryong (Korea Selatan)

Chunhyang dan Yi Mong-ryong (Korea Selatan)

Cerita asal negeri Korea Selatan ini berkisah mengenai percintaan sepasang kekasih bernama Chunhyang dan Yi Mong-ryong. Chunhyang adalah seorang gadis biasa anak seorang penari jalanan yang memiliki paras yang cantik. Sedangkan Yi Mong-ryong berasal dari golongan bangsawan karena dia merupakan putra gubernur kota Namwon, provinsi Jeolla. Dua sejoli ini saling mencintai, meski mereka tahu jika hubungan beda kelas sosial tersebut tidak akan direstui.

Kisah bermula dari kota Namwon. Seorang anak pejabat bernama Yi Mong-ryong tumbuh dewasa menjadi pemuda yang sangat tampan. Pada suatu pagi, ia ingin sekali melihat pemandangan di alam liar yang bagus. Ia pun memanggil seorang pembantunya yang bernama Bangja. “Bangja, apakah kau tahu tempat di mana aku bisa melihat pemandang yang indah di daerah sini?” kata Yi Mong-ryong. “Oh… ada tuan, tempatnya di dekat Jembatan Ojak, di sana tuan bisa melihat pemandangan alam yang sangat indah,” jawan Bangja. “Kalau begitu mari antarkan aku ke sana,” ucap Yi Mong-ryong. Bangja pun menjawab, “Baiklah tuan, mari kita berangkat.”

Mereka kemudian berangkat ke Jembatan Ojak. Sampai di sana Yi Mong-ryong takjub melihat pemandangan yang memang indah dan begitu memesona. Lalu saat Yi Mong-ryong berjalan-jalan, dari kejauhan ia melihat seorang gadis cantik yang sedang bermain ayunan di bawah pohon. Yi Mong-ryong terpesona dengan kecantikan gadis itu lalu menanyakannya pada Bangja, “Hey Bangja, apakah kau tahu siapakah gadis yang sedang bermain ayunan itu?,” tanya Yi Mong-ryong. “Oh… tahu tuan, dia bernama Chunhyang, dia berasal dari rakyat bawah seperti saya tuan,” jawab Bangja. Bangja mengatakan jika gadis itu tidak hanya dikenal akan kecantikannya namun juga kebaikan hatinya.

Yi Mong-ryong semakin terpesona, ia pun menyuruh pembantunya untuk men­datangi Chunhyang dan bilang padanya agar ia menemuiku. Bangja kemudian menjalankan perintah tuannya. Bangja pun dengan sopan bilang ke Chunhyang bahwa tuannya ingin bertemu dengannya. Namun Chunhyang kemudian berkata kepada Bangja, “Maaf pak apakah anda tahu jika kupu-kupu harus mengejar sekuntum bunga, dan angsa harus mencari lautan?,” ujar Chunhyang. Mendapat jawaban itu Bangja lalu pamit dan kembali pada tuannya dan mengutarakan apa yang dikatakan Chunhyang.

Yi Mong-ryong jadi kecewa, namun Bangja kemudian menyemangati tuannya dan menyarankan supaya tuannya menemui gadis itu sendiri. Yi Mong-ryong terdiam se­jenak sembari terus memandang Chunhyang dari kejauhan, ia bicara dalam hati, “Benar juga kata Bangja, aku memang yang harus menemui gadis itu sendiri, hari ini aku sudah beruntung bisa melihat dia, jangan sampai keberuntunganku ini hilang esok hari,” pikir Yi Mong-ryong. Namun sebelum Yi Mong-ryong menemui gadis itu, Chunhyang yang merasa tidak nyaman karena dipandang terus oleh Yi Mong-ryong akhirnya berlari pu­lang ke rumahnya.

Semenjak kejadian itu Yi Mong-ryong terus memikirkan Chunhyang. Ia menjadi tidak bisa konsentrasi saat belajar karena di kepalanya selalu terbayang wajah Chunhyang. Kemudian Yi Mong-ryong memanggil Bangja, “Bangja, aku harus menemui gadis yang kemarin itu malam ini, bukankah gadis itu mengatakan bahwa kupu-kupu harus mengejar sekuntum bunga?,” ucap Yi Mong-ryong. “Ayo antarkan aku ke rumahnya,” lanjut Yi Mong-ryong. Yi Mong-ryong dan pembantunya Bangja pun pergi ke rumah Chunhyang tanpa sepengetahuan ayah Yi Mong-ryong.

Di sisi lain, di rumah Chunhyang, ibunya sedang berbicara pada Chunhyang. Ibunya berkata bahwa semalam ia bermimpi di mana ada seekor naga biru mengelilingi tubuh Chunhyang lalu menggenggam Chunhyang dan membawanya terbang ke angkasa. Ibu Chunhyang bingung apa maksud dari mimpi tersebut.

Tak lama kemudian datanglah Yi Mong-ryong bersama Bangja. Mereka me­nyampaikan maksud kedatangannya pada ibu Chunhyang bahwa Yi Mong-ryong ingin meminang Chunhyang. Ibu Chunhyang sangat senang, karena ia tahu bahwa Yi Mong- ryong adalah anak seorang bangsawan terhormat, lalu ia memanggil anaknya untuk me­nemui Yi Mong-ryong.

Meski sangat bahagia jika anak gadisnya bakal dipersunting Yi Mong-ryong, namun ibu Chunhyang yang paham aturan adat agak sedikit khawatir. Ia pun berkata, “Maaf tuan Yi Mong-ryong, anda ini berasal dari golongan bangsawan sedangkan kami hanya rakyat jelata, tentunya pernikahan resmi tidak akan mungkin bisa dilaksanakan karena bertentangan dengan adat,” ucap ibu Chunhyang.

Yi Mong-ryong dan Chunhyang yang sudah saling jatuh hati menjadi lesu mendengar penjelasan ibunya. Yi Mong-ryong pun berkata, “Iya benar, namun aku begitu mencintai anakmu dengan tulus aku ingin menikahinya, tidak adakah cara lain agar aku bisa bersama anakmu?,” tanya Yi Mong-ryong.

Ibu Chunhyang pun berkata, “Sebenarnya ada tuan, karena perbedaan derajat ini, menikah secara resmi memang mustahil, kecuali anda menulis surat nikah secara rahasia dan berjanji tidak akan menelantarkan Chunhyang,” imbuh ibu Chunhyang.

Kemudian, Yi Mong-ryong mengambil kuas dan menuliskan kalimat yang berbunyi: “Lautan biru mungkin saja bisa berubah menjadi ladang buah murbei, dan lahan murbei mungkin saja bisa berubah menjadi lautan biru. Namun hasrat hatiku pada Chunhyang tidak akan mungkin berubah selamanya. Surga dan bumi, para dewa yang menjadi sak­sinya.”

Singkatnya, setelah itu mereka pun menikah secara diam-diam. Ibu Chunhyang dan Bangja menjadi saksi. Setelah pernikahan rahasia itu, Yi Mong-ryong selalu datang menemui kekasihnya. Mereka bahagia dan saling mencintai. Terkadang Chunhyang harus mengingatkan suami untuk pulang dan belajar supaya kelak bisa menjadi pejabat besar seperti ayahnya.

Sayangnya, kebahagiaan itu tidak lama karena keluarga Yi Mong-ryong harus pindah ke ibu kota Seoul dikarenakan pekerjaan ayahnya. Dan Yi Mong-ryong harus mendampingi ayahnya. Yi Mong-ryong kemudian datang menemui Chunhyang dan me­ngabarkan kabar buruk ini. Pasangan itu pun terpaksa berpisah.

Chunhyang pun melepas kepergian suaminya di Jembatan Ojak. Chunhyang lalu memberikan Yi Mong-ryong sebuah cincin, “Ini tanda cintaku padamu, simpanlah cincin ini sampai hari di mana kita akan bertemu lagi. Pergilah dengan tenang, tapi jangan lupakan aku. Aku akan tetap setia padamu dan menunggumu datang kembali untuk membawaku pergi ke Seoul,” ucap Chunhyang dengan sedih. Setelah itu mereka berpisah.

Tak lama, datanglah pejabat kota yang baru datang menggantikan posisi ayah Yi Mong-ryong di Namwon. Pejabat baru ini bernama Byun Hakdo, ia sangat otoriter. Belum apa-apa ia sudah menyuruh bawahannya untuk membawakan gadis tercantik dari Namwon yang tidak lain adalah cantik Chunhyang. Dengan paksaan akhirnya Chunhyang didatangkan kepada pejabat baru tersebut.

Melihat Chunhyang yang cantik jelita, Byun Hakdo langsung tertarik dan ingin me­nikahinya. Chunhyang pun menolak dengan halus namun Byun Hakdo terus memaksa. Pada akhirnya Chunhyang bilang bahwa dia sudah terikat dengan Yi Mong-ryong. Hal itu membuat Byun Hakdo marah dan memasukkan Chunhyang ke penjara.

Chunhyang yang merasa tidak bersalah pun protes, “Aku tidak melakukan hal yang salah. Sebagai seorang istri, adalah hal seharusnya aku tetap setia kepada suaminya. Sama halnya dengan pejabat yang setia pada rajanya,” ucap Chunhyang sekaligus mengingatkan Byun Hakdo. Namun bukannya Byun Hakdo sadar, ia malah semakin marah hingga akhirnya Chunhyang pun hidup di bui.

Sementara itu di Seoul, Yi Mong-ryong menfokuskan diri untuk belajar. Dan pada saat mengikuti ujian nasional negara, ia lulus dengan nilai tinggi. Karena kepandaiannya itu Yi Mong-ryong mendapat tawaran untuk bekerja di istana menjadi salah satu pembantu raja.

Saat Sang Raja mengucapkan ucapan selamat pada Yi Mong-ryong karena berhasil lulus ujian, Sang Raja bertanya, “Apakah kau ingin menjabat sebagai pejabat kerajaan?” tanya Sang Raja. “Hamba menginginkan posisi sebagai amhaeng osa (semacam inspektur polisi),” jawab Yi Mong-ryong. Raja pun kemudian mengangkat Yi Mong-ryong sebagai amhaeng osa karena hal itu pantas baginya.

Setelah menjabat sebagai amhaeng osa, Yi Mong-ryong berkelana ke seluluh Ne­geri Korea dan menyamar sebagai pengemis. Ia kemudian menuju Namwon. Dalam per­jalanan, dia mendekati seseorang pertani. Dari situ ia tahu bahwa gubernur pengganti ayahnya yang bernama Byun Hakdo adalah gubernur yang kejam. Para petani diharuskan membayar pajak sangat banyak sehingga menjadi miskin.

Yi Mong-ryong kemudian bertanya, “Aku dengar kalau Gubernur Byun Hakdo sudah menikahi Chunhyang dan mereka kini hidup bahagia,” tanya Yi Mong-ryong mencari info. Tiba-tiba ia disentak oleh salah seorang petani, “Beraninya kau berkata seperti itu anak muda, dari mana kabar itu? jangan pernah mengatakan sesuatu yang kau tidak tahu, Chunhyang adalah gadis setia yang malang. Karena kesetiaannya itu sekarang ia mendekam di penjara.”

Lalu seorang lagi berkata, “Kemalangan Chunhyang tak lain karena anak pejabat yang dulu menikahi Chunhyang, namun pada akhirnya meninggalkan gadis itu dan tidak pernah kembali… kasihan sekali Chunhyang… terus menanti pemuda pengecut itu.”

Mendengar ucapan petani itu Yi Mong-ryong pun terkejut, lalu ia pergi meninggalkan para petani. Di jalan ia berpapasan dengan segerombolan pemuda lokal, ia mendengar para pemuda berbicara mengumpat sang pejabat baru. Yang membuat Yi Mong-ryong lebih kaget adalah saat salah seorang pemuda bilang jika Chunhyang akan dihukum mati antara 2-3 hari ini karena tidak menerima lamaran gubernur yang baru. Yi Mong- ryong menjadi sangat kawatir dengan keadaan istrinya, ia pun menyusun rencana untuk membebaskan istrinya itu sembari terus mencari info.

Sementara itu Chunhyang masih dikurung di penjara, ia sakit-sakitan sehingga tubuhnya menjadi kurus dan wajahnya pucat. Suatu hari, ia bermimpi berada di pekarangan rumahnya, bunga-bunga ia tanam kini sudah layu, cermin yang berada di kamarnya pecah, dan sepatunya tergantung di pintu masuk. Karena mimpi itu, Chunhyang menjadi cemas lalu menanyakannya pada kakek buta yang juga dipenjara.

Kakek buta kemudian menjelaskan makna mimpi Chunhyang, “Bunga-bunga layu itu akan tumbuh lagi dan berbuah menjadi bunga baru, bunyi pecahan cermin berarti berita yang akan terdengar ke seluruh negeri, sedangkan sepatu yang ada dipintu pertanda akan banyak orang datang untuk mengucapkan selamat.”

Chunhyang pun berterima kasih pada kakek buta itu dan berharap semoga arti mimpinya itu benar-benar nyata. Namun di sisi lain Chunhyang pun tak berharap banyak karena dalam beberapa lagi ia akan dieksekusi berbarengan dengan pesta yang diadakan gubernur.

Sementara itu, Yi Mong-ryong akhirnya tiba di kota Namwon dan langsung pergi ke rumah Chunhyang. Mulanya ibu mertuanya tidak mengenalinya karena Yi Mong-ryong berpakaian sebagai pengemis. Kemudian Yi Mong-ryong meminta ibu mertuanya untuk mengantarkannya pada Chunhyang. Berkat bantuan ibu mertuanya, Yi Mong-ryong dan Chunhyang akhirnya bertemu. Yi Mong-ryong senang sekali melihat Chunhyang karena sudah lama sekali ia tidak melihat istrinya. Hal yang sama juga dirasakan Chunhyang. Chunhyang kemudian berkata, “Besok aku akan dihukum mati, aku ingin kau datang di pagi hari karena aku mau melihat wajahmu untuk terakhir kali,” ucap Chunhyang sembari menangis. Yi Mong-ryong dan ibu Chunhyang pun kemudian pergi.

Chunhyang dan ibunya tidak tahu jika sebenarnya Yi Mong-ryong adalah seorang amhaeng osa, mereka mengira keluarga Yi Mong-ryong bangkrut sehingga Yi Mong- ryong kemudian menjadi pengemis.

Setelah itu Yi Mong-ryong pun menyusun rencana setelah mengoordinir para petugas kepolisisan di Namwon. Yi Mong-ryong berpesan kepada semua bawahannya bahwa penyamarannya jangan sampai terbongkar sebelum waktunya tiba.

Hari pesta dan eksekusi Chunhyang pun tiba. Sudah menjadi kebiasaan jika pejabat kerajaan mengadakan pesta besar, maka para pengemis akan berdatangan untuk minta sedekah makanan. Yi Mong-ryong juga datang dengan pakaian pengemis.

Yi Mong-ryong bergabung dengan para pengemis lain. Kemudian ia berpapasan dengan bawahan gubernur bernama Yongjang. “Tuan… saya sangat lapar sekali, bisakah anda memberiku sedikit makanan?,” pinta Yi Mong-ryong. Melihat pengemis itu, Yongjang merasa iba dan kemudian menyuruh seorang pembantunya membawakan makanan. “Terimakasih, karena tuan sudah memberiku makanan. Hamba akan berikan balasan buat tuan berupa sebuah puisi,” kata Yi Mong-ryong.

Yi Mong-ryong pun berdiri memberikan secarik kertas berupa puisi buatannya, berikut puisi tersebut:

Anggur yang terisi dalam piala yang indah

Adalah darah dari ribuan orang

Daging-danginya yang disuguhkan dengan megah di meja giok

Adalah daging dan kesusahan beribu-ribu tahun

Yang terbakar di perjamuan mewah ini, adalah air mata orang-orang yang kelaparan.

Suara berisik dari nyanyian kaum bangsawan

Terdengar sama dengan keluhan para petani.

Yongjang kaget membaca puisi dari si pengemis Yi Mong-ryong karena puisi ini seakan-akan menghina para pejabat, ia pun kemudian mau menanyakannya pada pengemis namun Yi Mong-ryong sudah hilang bergabung dengan para pengemis lain.

Yongjang merasa terhina, ia kemudian menemui Byun Hakdo dan memberikan puisi itu. Membaca puisi tersebut, Byun Hakdo langsung murka, “Siapa yang berani menulis puisi ini?,” tanya Byun Hakdo dengan geram. “Salah seorang pengemis muda,” Kata Yongjang. “Kurang ajar pengemis itu, dia sudah menghina…,” ucap Byun Hakdo.

“Pengawal!!!! Cari pengemis yang membuat puisi ini dan bawa padaku,” teriak Byun Hakdo kepada para pengawalnya. Para pengawal pun bergegas mencari para pengemis di halaman depan halaman diikuti oleh Byun Hakdo. Namun belum sampai keluar halaman, Byun Hakdo kaget karena banyak anggota polisi kerajaan datang. Yi Mong-ryong kemudian keluar dari kumpulan gerombolan pengemis dan kemudian ia memberitahukan identitas aslinya. Byun Hakdo segera ditangkap karena sudah sudah bertindak tidak adil, menyengsarakan rakyat.

Kini Yi Mong-ryong mengambil alih tugas Byun Hakdo. Ia lalu segera menyuruh pengawal untuk membawa Chunhyang kepadanya untuk diadili, “Katakan pada wanita yang bernama Chunhyang kalau utusan raja telah datang untuk mengadili kasusnya,” ucap Yi Mong-ryong kepada pengawal. Pengawal pun bergegas masuk ke ruang ta­hanan. Sesampai di dalam, pengawal langsung menyeret Chunhyang, “Ayo ikut kami, kini saatnya kau untuk diadili karena pengawal kerajaan sudah datang,” kata pengawal kepada Chunhyang.

Chunhyang sangat takut dan menangis, ia memanggil-manggil ibunya yang sejak pagi sudah menemaninya. “Ibu, hidupku sudah berakhir ibu, selamat tinggal ibu… Mana Yi Mong-ryong… kenapa ia tidak menemuiku di akhir masa hidupku?,” tanya Chunhyang pada ibunya. “Sudah jangan banyak bicara, ayo cepat, utusan kerajaan sudah menunggu,” gertak pengawal. Chunhyang pun dibawa ke pengadilan.

Chunhyang kemudian diadili, Yi Mong-ryong duduk di kursi hakim dibelakang la­yar putih menutupi wajahnya. Ia kemudian berkata kepada Chunhyang, “Chunhyang, ini adalah pengadilanmu, jika kau tidak mau menerima cinta Byun Hakdo, apakah jika aku memintamu untuk jadi istriku, apakah kau mau? Jika kau mau kau terbebas dari hukumanmu,” ujar Yi Mong-ryong.

Chunhyang yang mulanya takut menjadi marah mendengar ucap petugas kerajaan, “Oh.. Tuhan… betapa sengsaranya orang-orang miskin di negeri ini! Mereka hanya dijadikan budak bagi para pejabat, seorang inspektur yang seharusnya membawa keadilan untuk rakyat, ternyata sama saja dengan gubernur penindas Byun Hakdo… Oh Tuhan tunjukkan keadilan-Mu Tuhan!!!,” teriak Chunhyang.

Yi Mong-ryong kemudian menyuruh petugas pengadilan membuka tali pengikat lengan Chunhyang. “Sekarang naikkan kepalamu dan lihat aku!,” kata Yi Mong-ryong ke­pada Chunhyang. “Tidak!, aku tak sudi melihat tuan… anda boleh segera menghukumku, hamba sudah siap dihukum daripada terus menerus melihat kebusukan para pejabat dan ketidakadilan ini!!!,” jawab Chunhyang.

Yi Mong-ryong tersentuh dengan ucapan istrinya itu. Ia mencopot cincin yang dulu pernah diberikan Chunhyang pada dirinya, lalu menyuruh pengawal memperlihatkan pada Chunhyang. Setelah Chunhyang melihat cincin itu, ia langsung berbalik dan melihat inspektur polisi. Chunhyang menangis bahagia ketika mengetahui orang dibalik layar itu adalah Yi Mong-ryong suaminya. “Oh, Tuhan… terima kasih Kau tunjukkan keadilan-Mu, kemarin suamiku hanyalah seorang pengemis dan kini seorang inspektur kerajaan!,” kata Chunhyang berseri-seri. Yi Mong-ryong dan Chunhyang kemudian saling berpelukan.

Sementara, gubernur Byun Hakdo lalu diadli dan dicabut jabatannya. Ia kemudian diasingkan ke pulau terpencil karena tindak kejahatannya. Semua rakyat Namwon senang melihat kembalinya Yi Mong-ryong yang membawa keadilan dan kini mereka sudah tidak ditindas lagi dan hidup tentram.

Setelah itu, Yi Mong-ryong membawa Chunhyang ke ibu kota Seoul. Yi Mong-ryong melaporkan kasus Byun Hakdo dan menceritakan kisahnya pada Sang Raja. Raja pun tersentuh mendengar cerita Yi Mong-ryong lalu memberikan gelar bangsawan pada Chunhyang. Bagi Sang Raja, meskipun Chunhyang lahir dari keluarga miskin, dan ibunya seorang wanita penari jalanan, namun sikap Chunhyang adalah model yang patut ditiru oleh semua wanita karena kesetiaannya.

Lalu Yi Mong-ryong membawa Chunhyang pada keluarganya. Hubungan mereka kini direstui. Acara pernikahan besar pun diadakan di rumah Yi Mong-ryong. Kini Yi Mong- ryong dan Chunhyang hidup bahagia selamanya.

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