In the green pasture, the shepherd boy who is tending his sheep, he feels bored watching the sheep eating grass.

Better admit the work of the peasants, “murmured shepherd intent on fun.

The shepherd boy began to pick and choose his ignorant ideas. He smiled happily when he got a suitable idea to work on the farmers. The shepherd boy left the edge of the field, then shouted at the top of his voice in the direction of the settlement.

“Please, help me. There are wolves eating my sheep,” shouted the shepherd boy.

The farmers who were working on their fields, immediately ran towards the shepherd’s child. They want to help him.

Where is the wolf? Let us hunt for it, “said one of the farmers.

When the farmers panicked, the shepherd’s son was roaring with laughter. The farmers were angry. They had left their job to save the shepherd boy, but the shepherd boy had apparently only lied to them.

The next day, as usual, the shepherd boy returned to tending his sheep, because he felt bored, the shepherd boy returned to work on the farmers who were working on the fields.

“Help! There are wolves! Please! There are wolves to eat my sheep!” the shepherd boy shouted. Farmers rushed back to the shepherd’s child. But, again, the shepherd child laughed out loud. The farmers are even more angry. They were again lied to by the shepherd boy.

“We won’t come again even if you scream until your voice runs out, you liar,” said one farmer, annoyed. The shepherd boy doesn’t care. He feels happy because he managed to lie to the farmers.

One day, the wolf really came. The animal began to prey on the sheep herded by the shepherd boy. Of course the shepherd boy was scared. Suddenly he shouted for help to the farmers.

“Please! My sheep are eaten by wolves! Tolooong!” the shepherd boy shouted, panicked. The farmers who heard the shout ignored him no more. They thought, the shepherd boy just lied to them again.

The wolf devoured the sheep, and the shepherd was unable to do anything. Then he went to the farmers while crying.

“This time I did not lie. After all my sheep were eaten by wolves. Why don’t you want to help me?” the shepherd sobbed to the farmers.

“That’s the result of you lying. We thought you were just lying to us again. Now accept the consequences. Even though you say the truth, now people find it hard to believe you,” said a farmer.

The shepherd boy realized his mistake, he apologized to the farmers, and promised not to repeat his actions.

Moral message :

Once lying, then people will not believe anymore.