Cici The Lizard visited his friend, namely Dida Lizard. They had indeed been friends for a long time, but they did not understand each other and had never visited each other’s houses. Today Cici visited Dida, and that made Dida happy. Because happy to talk with Cici, Dida asked Cici to stay in his house for one night.

“You want it, Cici?” asked Dida.

Cici nodded in agreement. However, Dida’s house is very different from Cici’s. Cici lives with humans on the warm roof of the house, while the lizard lives in a very cold garden. Cici shivered all night long, she could not sleep. Whereas Dida was already snoring so loudly.

Coming home from Dida’s house, Cici fell ill for days he did not get out of the house.

One day, Dida met Cici again, he felt ashamed of what he was doing. “Friends,” said Dida. “I’m sorry for what happened last time. I hope you’re not angry.”

“Never mind, I’m not angry. Don’t think about it,” said Cici. “Tomorrow come to my house. I want to be with you for another day!”

“Yes, I’ll be there!” said Dida, happy.

The next day, Dida arrived at Cici’s house under the roof of a human home. Cici asks Dida to stay at her house too. Of course Dida did not refuse. But at night, Dida felt very hot. It turned out that Cici’s house under the roof was very uncomfortable for him. Dida stayed up all night. Sweat poured from his body. While Cici looks so fast.

The next day, before returning home, Dida said to Cici. “I know you were very disappointed with my attitude yesterday, Cici. I have realized. I should understand you better. I should have known you were cold at the time. Like I was hot in your house last night,” said Dida, sadly.

Cici was silent seeing Dida so sad. Dida left Cici’s house right away, he returned home with a very sad heart. It turns out their friendship is not as strict as they thought. They should understand each other more after this.

Moral message :

The story of Cici and Dida reminds us that mutual understanding is important in friendship, so there will be no misunderstanding in the future, which will make the relationship crack.