Some time ago, Sasa The Geese was hit by a hunting bullet while flying across the lake. Until now his feet are still difficult to move. Even according to turkey doctors, it will be difficult for Sasa The Geese to return to normal. Hearing that, Sasa Geese became sad.

There is no more cheerful Sasa The Geese. Sasa The Geese’s smile also just fades away. Ms. Geese is very worried about that. Mrs. Geese then tried to contact all of Sasa The Geese’s friends in order to comfort her baby.

There are Feye, Clorita, Risma, and Sendu. But they were not successful either. Sasa The Geese remained dissolved in her sadness.

Until one day, Sasa The Geese met a very beautiful butterfly. But when he approached, apparently there was a defect in the butterfly’s left wing. But the Butterfly looks fine.

“Hey, what’s with your wings?” asked Sasa The Geese.

“Oh, it ripped because of an accident,” answered the Butterfly, smiling.

Sasa The Geese keeps watching Butterflies. Defects in the Butterfly’s wings will not be treated, but Sasa The Geese is surprised because the Butterfly looks mediocre.

“Surely you are curious why I am so strong in facing this ordeal,” said Butterfly interrupting Sasa’s reverie.

Sasa The Geese nodded.

Then the Butterfly Butterfly said, “If a trial is not dealt with a smile, when will we be happy? I know that my wings will not be able to recover as before. But, that is no problem for me because I am willing to live it.”

Deg !! The words Butterfly made Sasa The Geese think about the wound again. Doctor Turkey said that Sasa The Geese’s wounds were still possible to heal, but Sasa Geese even continued to dissolve in sadness. In fact, a butterfly whose wound could not heal was still smiling.

The meeting with the Butterfly made Sasa The Geese realize that God’s trials did not only happen to him. He must endure this ordeal in order to make it through.

Moral message :

Every thing that happens there is always wisdom that we can learn. Although the incident was sad, but there is still wisdom and lessons behind it.