According to the story, giraffes didn’t have long necks like they used to. His body is fat and short. However, now the giraffe has a tall body and a long neck. Here’s the story of the Origin of the Long-Necked Giraffe.

Once when a short, thick giraffe lived in a meadow, he always found it difficult to get food on a tall tree.

One day, Peri Elea saw the giraffe’s sadness, and she tried to help the giraffe.

“So what do you want Giraffe?” Elves Elea asked.

“I want a thin body to climb a tree like a squirrel,” replied the giraffe, pleased with the offer of Fairy Elea.

Fairy Elea granted the giraffe’s request. Now the giraffe’s fat body is gone. He became thin, and the giraffe felt very happy.

The next day. Fairy Elea returned to visit the giraffe. Unexpected. Fairy Elea saw that the giraffe was sad again. “What is wrong with you. A giraffe? “Asked Fairy Elea.

“My thin body doesn’t help me climb trees. Still I can’t eat. Can I have a trunk like an elephant? “Giraffe asked.

Again, Elea Fairy granted the giraffe’s request. Now the giraffe also has a trunk like an elephant.

Like yesterday, Fairy Elea returned to visit the giraffe. This time, Giraffe was seen stumbling around with his new trunk.

“What’s wrong with you. Giraffe?” Fairy Elea asked again.

“I just want to eat the leaves on the tall tree. That’s why I ask for your help. But it all didn’t work. Even this trunk is very hard for me,” complained Giraffe sadly.

Fairy Elea pensive. For a long time, until finally a decision was made. “Hope this works,” Peri Elea said
while aiming his magic wand.

Wow! Proboscis giraffe is gone. Then his neck continued to grow longer. Before leaving, this time Peri Elea asked the giraffe to try her long neck first. It turns out that Giraffe easily reaches the leaf he wants. His very long neck did not make it difficult to do anything.

This time Giraffe is really happy. Fairy Elea was happy because she could finally help the giraffe. That is why now the giraffes have a long neck.

Moral message :

Every problem has a solution. We just need to try to find a solution.