There is a beautiful lake and the water is very clear. Different kinds of water animals live there in harmony with peace. One day, a crane flew near the lake.

Suddenly Crane cries. What a surprise for the fish. They are approaching Crane.

“Crane, why are you crying?” Asked the fish.

“Huhuhu … I’m sad that the fishermen will soon be catching fish,” replied Bangau. Hearing that, the fish became sad and cried.

“Fish, I’m willing to help you. I’ll move you to another lake not far from here. How? ”

Without a long thought, the fish received the help of the Crane. They were so scared that the fishermen would catch them.

One by one the fish flew. But instead of going to the promised spot, the crane brought the fish to its nest. There, he eats the fish well. Olala, apparently, the crane had done a bad thing by deceiving the fish.

Now there is a crane on the lake that has not been moved, and it is flown by Crane. As he neared the crater, crane saw a great deal of blood and spines of fish.

The crane know that they will be destroyed by the Crane as well. As the crane descended, crane quickly clamped his neck. Suddenly Crane fluttered helplessly.

“Let go of me, let go!” Shouted Crane.

However, the crane were harder to cling to the neck of the crane, and eventually it died. The crane cries to see the thorn of the good fish. However, the crane are also relieved to have succeeded in defeating the greedy Crane.

Moral Message

Being greedy is a bad trait. In addition to losing you, your greed will make you lose your friends.