Duck colonies are never separated from each other. They go together all day following one leader. They are known as the most harmonious creatures. Even though ducks are very noisy, they have never fought.

Almost all animals know that. Likewise with mink. However, he was very curious whether the news was true or not. Mink itself has never seen firsthand a flock of ducks that are together. I was so curious, mink went to the field where the ducks are located.

Mink can finally see how compact the ducks are. At first he was amazed, but then evil intentions appeared in his heart.

“I will pit them. There must be a duck that can be used as a source of trouble,” murmured Mink while grinning evil.

From that day on, the weasel came to the duck which was slightly separated from the flock. He began to incite the duck to hate the herd.

“Look at your leader, he is just fooling you into wanting to follow him. Go away from the flock or you will be a slave to your leader forever,” said the mink who is good at instigation.

But apparently in vain. The duck does not want to hear the words of Mink. Then the weasel looks for another duck and says the same thing. But again, the words of Mink are ignored. So it continued, until he did not feel all the ducks he visited. But, nothing that he managed to provoke. Mink was very tired because she had walked here and there and talked too much.

“Hahaha … Mink … Mink …. You won’t be able to make the ducks fight with each other, because we trust each other,” said one of the ducks instigated by Mink.

Mink is very shy. He did not expect the ducks to be so compact. He left the duck settlement and never returned there because of shame. It is true that some say that ducks are the most harmonious herd in the world.

Moral message :

Strong harmony will make the group stronger too