A fox is starving, he wants to hunt for food, but he doesn’t dare to hunt alone. He then invites his friend, a dog that lives on a very high mountain. How happy fox will be when her friend accepts her invitation.

The two of them set out to hunt. But, apparently they still feel scared. Finally, they invited Leopards to hunt. With pleasure, Leopards accepted the offer.

They catch animals by working together. Then, they stack their catch in the open. The catch animals will be shared equally with each other.

“Fox, please share those foods,” the Leopards ordered.

With alacrity, the fox also distributes food fairly. But, the Leopard suddenly became very angry. He immediately pounced on the Fox until the Fox died. Then the Leopard turned to the Mountain Dog.

“Now you share the food,” the leopard ordered the ferocious Mountain Dog.

The Mountain Dog then approached the food and bit into a very small rabbit for himself. The leopard who was angry, immediately laughed with satisfaction when he saw the decision of the Mountain Dog.

The Mountain Dog then left the Leopard. He was very disappointed with the greed of the Leopard. Because he did not want to suffer the same fate as the Fox, he relented. He promised not to cooperate and help Leopards in the future.

Moral message :

Be fair to anyone. Don’t be greedy and selfish. By being fair, our lives will become more peaceful.