Tonight is the birthday party of the Lion, the king of the jungle. All forest dwellers, including Kurakura and Dogs, gather in the palace in sparkling clothing and jewelry. Do not forget they also bring gifts.

The gifts were placed regularly on the table near the palace fence. Only Jian Dog hasn’t handed over the prize.

Apparently Jian Dog brought the gift of a clear crystal bowl. He was afraid that the gift would break with other gifts. He then placed the bowl under the table.

After a while, Raku Tortoise came. He was late because his house was the furthest from the palace. Quietly, Raku Tortoise hides under the table. He is embarrassed because he is not wearing nice clothes. Well, it turns out Raku is often the center of attention because he has managed to defeat the rabbit in a running competition.

Raku also looks for ways. Accidentally he saw a beautiful crystal bowl. Raku immediately tied the bowl very tightly to his body. Then, he came out from under the table confidently.

All forest dwellers were struck by the crystal-clad Raku Tortoise. Suddenly Jian Dog shouted that Raku Tortoise had stolen his bowl. Raku Tortoise and Jian Dog fight.

The king of the forest came to separate them both.

‘I know that the crystal bowl is a gift from Jian Dog to me. However, I allow the bowl to belong to Raku Tortoise, “said the lion.

Raku Tortoise is very happy. Arrogantly, he showed off his bowl to Jian Dog.

But, suddenly the king of the forest said, “Instead, I will give Jian Dog a speed run.”

Since then, Raku Tortoise could only walk slowly so that the crystal bowl on his back did not fall. He was sorry for being greedy. Meanwhile, Jian Dog is happy because he and his descendants can now run fast.

Moral message :

Taking what is right for others is really not good. All actions will have consequences. So do good and don’t take something that is not yours.