Every day Mrs. Honey Bee looks for honey for her children at home. While he left, his oldest son, Dodit, would take care of his younger siblings and feed them if they were hungry. Dodit’s sisters are quite numerous. There were Dido, Lola, Koro, and little Bibo. However, Dodit never did his job properly. Dodit always took food from his younger siblings. He also frightened them from complaining to Mrs. Honey Bee. Dodit is indeed a lazy and greedy bee. But, Mrs. Honey Bee never knew Dodit’s behavior.

“If you dare complain to Mother, watch out!” threatened Dodit to his younger siblings. If that’s the case, both Dido, Lola and Koro will be quiet, then move away from the greedy Dodit.

One day, Dodit’s attitude was really outrageous. He finished all the food at home and left nothing for his siblings. In fact, his sister had worked hard all day. Especially the little Bibo, he kept crying because of hunger. But, Dodit doesn’t care. He let Bibo starve. Until because they could not hold hunger anymore, little Bibo finally passed out. Only then did Dodit begin to feel anxious.

All methods are used to make Bibo aware. But in vain. Even Bibo’s body temperature feels hotter. Mrs. Honey Bee who doesn’t know anything comes home humming happily. But when he got in the house and saw the condition of Bibo, he was very surprised and panicked. He immediately called the butterfly doctor to check the condition of Bibo.

“Bibo should not be late eating again, Mrs. Honey Bee. Her small stomach will not be able to withstand hunger,” said
Butterfly Physician.

Hearing that, suddenly Mrs. Honey Bee surprised, while Dodit became very pale. Dodit’s other siblings tell the truth about Mrs. Honey Bee for fear of suffering the same fate as Bibo. Understand now Mrs. Honey Bee with what is happening. Apparently Dodit did not do her job properly.

Dodit regretted that he had harmed his sister. But it’s too late. Mrs. Honey Bee no longer wants to believe in Dodit. From then on, Mrs. Honey Bee took care of Dodit’s siblings herself, and told Dodit to work. It seems like it will be better.

Moral message :

Greedy or like excessive, sooner or later will bring harm, both for yourself and others.