One sunny morning, a fox sniffed with a keen sense of smell throughout the forest with the aim of finding something to eat, he saw a crow perched on a tree branch in front of him. The crow was not the first crow seen by the Fox. What is the Fox’s main concern and makes him turn, is the Crow holding a little cheese in its beak.

“There’s no need to look any further,” thought the Fox. “Here I can get my breakfast.”

The Fox then walked toward the tree where the Crow was perched, looked up with a look of admiration, then shouted, “Good morning, beautiful creature!” not reply to the Fox’s greetings.

“What an amazing creature!” said the Fox. “How the feathers shine! How beautiful and amazing their wings! This beautiful bird should have a very sweet voice, because everything about her is perfect. If she could sing one song, I would have adored her as a queen and all birds.”

Hearing all the words of praise, the Crow forgot all his suspicions and also the cheese held in his beak. He really wants to be called the queen of all birds.

He then opened his beak wide to let out the loudest chirp, and at that moment the cheese fell from its beak straight to the open fox’s mouth.

“Thank you,” said the Fox sweetly as she walked away. “Although hoarse, you must have a voice. But where is your brain?”

Anyone who likes to listen to false praise, is not wise, because it does not bring things that are profitable.