It is said that in ancient times, deer did not have horns. It is precisely the dog that has long horns and branches. Once upon a time, a very long summer arrived, so that almost all the rivers evaporated until the water dried up. All animals feel thirsty and also hungry because grass and other plants cannot grow.

Thirst and hunger are also experienced by a pair of deer. They went to look for water by going down hills and mountain slopes. And finally after searching for a long time they found a river that still had water. In addition to the pair of deer, there are already many other animals that are also there. “After a long time we searched, only now we find water. Look, many other animals have gathered here. “, Said the stag to the stag. The female deer then looked away in all directions. “Yes, this place is already crowded with other animals that are also thirsty and starving,” said the female deer.

The pair of deer then descended into the river. Suddenly the stag saw something and said to the stag, “Look over there! Look!” Who is that animal? How handsome he is. The horn is very nice and attractive. Wow, he looks really handsome. “The stag then turned, and watched the animals that were going down the hill to the river to drink. “That is a dog. He is my best friend, but we haven’t seen him in a long time, “answered the stag.

When the dog arrived by the river, he saw a stag and his wife. “Hi, deer! What are you doing here? “The dog said to his best friend’s stag.

“Yes, don’t be surprised. Nowadays water is very difficult to obtain because of drought, and there is no food. We went looking here and there until we finally found water in this place, “answered the stag. Then they all went down to the river to drink. After drinking, the three animals then scattered again.

“Where was the dog?” Asked the female deer to the stag. “Oh, that’s over there! Under the tree, he is resting. Maybe he still feels tired after a long journey, “replied the stag. “If so, let’s also rest there with him”, invite the female deer to her husband.

“Ah, you!”, Rebuked the stag to the female deer. “Why have you always been staring at the dog? Whereas I no longer pay attention to you? “Asked the stag with annoyance. “Of course. I was amazed by the dog’s horns. Wow really unspeakable beauty. Oh, how beautiful it is, “answered the stag while continuing to praise the dog’s horns. “Does he look more handsome than me?” Asked the stag to his wife’s stag. “Yes, of course not. But clearly the horns are very good. If you have horns like him, surely you will look much more manly than the dog, “answered the female deer.

The stag then pauses for a moment. He also tried to find reason. “Tell you what,” said the stag a moment later. If you want to see me horned, I’ll borrow the dog’s horn later. I will go there first to talk to him. ”The stag was influenced by his wife’s seduction. He then met the dog.

“Hey, my friend’s dog. My wife really wants to see us run, “said the stag lying. The dog who does not want to make his friend disappointed approve the proposal. They then went to the edge of the meadow to race.

“When I stand up and lift my legs, then both of you start running,” the female deer gives the signal. The male deer and the dog then race. And apparently, dogs can be easily defeated by the stag. The dog feels disappointed because of his defeat. The stag immediately entertained while trying to trick him. “This is my friend’s dog. I was defeated because you used heavy horns so your running was slow. Well, to be fair what if I now use the horn. Then we run again. ”

The dog then agrees again to his friend’s proposal without feeling suspicious. He then let go of his horn and gave it to the stag. The stag then uses the big, branched dog’s horn. Deer and dogs compete again. When the stag sees the dog running as fast as he can in front, he runs but turns in the other direction away from the dog. While the dog continues to run and run without realizing it. Feeling will win, the new dog looked back. How surprised he was when he saw that the stag had disappeared and was not behind him.

Realizing he had been deceived, the dog ran away to hunt down the stag angrily. However, because the stag is far more agile and agile, the dog is unable to catch up with him. And finally, the dog’s horn was carried away by a stag. That is why until now, if a dog sees a stag, he will definitely chase it, because he wants to ask for the horn back which he used to borrow. Until now, male deer animals have beautiful and sturdy horns, which make it look manly.