Koko is a careless ant, he lives in an underground cave. Every day, he and his friends went to look for food in the vast pasture.

Actually Koko is a tenacious and diligent worker ant. Unfortunately, there is one bad habit that Koko cannot avoid, which is his own carelessness.

I was so careless Koko, he was often scolded by other ants. Initially it was not a problem for Koko. But, over time Koko felt disturbed by the attitude of other ants.

“I have to try not to become a careless ant again,” Koko murmured once.

But unfortunately, Koko always failed, he was constantly careless. There must be a commotion he makes every day. Starting from spilling wheat supplies for a year, until falling into the hole. And the worst, causing other ants to slip in a row. Koko is very sad. Then he decided to go home early so as not to cause more problems.

On the way home, Koko met with a mouse deer. When deer greeted him, Koko was silent. It seems like today he doesn’t want to answer anyone. But deer keep trying to ask.

“I’m careless, Mouse Deer” finally Koko wanted to tell a story. “And today I don’t want to talk to anyone

Mouse Deer who heard Koko’s story was speechless.

“If you want to ask if I’ve tried to solve my problem, then the answer is already,” said Koko when Kancil began to speak.

“I don’t want to ask like that, really,” said Mouse Deer, in a hurry. “But do you know what makes you careless? If you don’t know why, how do you want to solve it?” asked Mouse Deer.

Gosh! This is Koko’s mistake all this time. He himself never knew what was causing him to always be careless. No wonder Koko always failed to improve himself.

Now, Koko must start looking for what is wrong with him, before starting to improve.

Moral message :

Focusing too much on a mistake without knowing what the cause of the error will make it difficult to solve the problem.