Once in a kingdom in Egypt, there lived a wise and wise king. The people love him very much. The king often visits his people’s homes. Until one day, when the king would visit his people’s home, he passed by a plantation. The king meets an ant that is starving.

“O ants, why does your face look listless like that?” Asked the Egyptian king.

“I look lethargic because since morning I have not gotten food. So I am very hungry, O king,” the ant replied.

The king really felt sorry for the ant. “How many meals do you need for a year?” asked the king.

“I just need a loaf of bread to eat for a year,” the ant answered.

“All right, I’ll give you a loaf of bread for your food supply for a year. Accept this,” the King said as he gave the bread. “In a year, I will see you to give me another bread,” explained the King.

The ant’s face looks very happy. Of course, for one year he did not need to look for food. He accepted the bread and thanked the king. The king then continued his journey.

A year later, the king returned to meet his people. The king remembered, he had an appointment with ants. Olala … apparently the ants were waiting for him where they had met.

“How are you this year, ants? Is the bread I give you enough for your year’s food?” Asked the king.

“I am well, O king. Even the bread you gave me was still half remaining,” the ant said.

“Why don’t you finish the bread?” said the king.

“I’m afraid the king forgets to come back here. So, I skimp so that when the king forgets to see me, I still have a food supply,” explained the ant.

The king laughed at the ant’s words. However, the king was also very impressed with the behavior of the ants. He could save money so that he did not need to lack food. The king then gives one more bread to the ants for supplies for the next year. The king became inspired by the attitude of the ants. The king then asked his people to imitate the attitude of ants who were good at frugality.

Moral message :

Saving is a good trait, while wasteful is a bad trait. With frugality, then we will not lack. Therefore, let’s learn to save money.