Zenk Wolf doesn’t have any food for today. He looked very weak and lethargic to walk out of his house. However, his hungry stomach forced him to come out. Far enough Zenk Wolf walked, then he saw Mrs. Murai was incubating his eggs. Zenk drooled at the sight of Mrs. Murai’s enormous eggs.

“If I eat all of it, I will definitely be very full,” murmured Zenk Wolf.

Zenk Wolf approached Mrs. Murai who was constantly humming for the eggs.

“Miss Magpie, I heard there was a meeting of the birds at the hall. Aren’t you going there?” asked Zenk Wolf.

“Oh, really? Of course I have to go there. Why did I not know,” Mrs. Murai said without suspicion.

After Mrs. Murai died, Zenk Wolf immediately took all of Bu Magai’s eggs and immediately ate them. After eating, Zenk Wolf left Bu Murai’s nest which was empty. When Mrs. Magpie returned, she was very surprised to see the eggs are not in place. He shouted at the top of his lungs until Zenk Wolf heard his scream.

The next day, Zenk Wolf again wants to deceive another mother bird. This time he saw Mrs. Pekaka. There are also as many eggs as Mrs. Murai’s.

“Mrs. Pekaka, I heard yesterday that Miss Magpie lost her eggs. All the birds are gathering there to cheer up. Don’t you want to cheer her up too?” said the wily Zenk Wolf.

Mrs. Pekaka was shocked. “I have to get there soon, then.”

And after Mrs. Pekaka flew, Zenk wolf immediately took Mrs. Pekaka’s eggs and ate them. After Zenk Wolf ate it, he got a stomachache. I wonder what is wrong with Mrs. Pekaka’s eggs. He felt very sick. When Zenk Wolf is helpless, the birds come out of hiding, including Mrs. Pekaka and Mrs. Murai.

“You have eaten rotten eggs, Zenk Wolf. Do you think we did not know that it was you who ate Mrs. Magpie’s eggs? Now accept the consequences of your actions!” cried Mrs. Pekaka.

Zenk Wolf is very shocked. But, he could not do anything. His stomach feels even worse. It must be because of the rotten egg he had eaten.

Moral message :

Getting things by cheating will lead to bad things later on