Pinkie is a young man whose body is the size of the smallest finger of a human body. Nevertheless, he is a brave man. He is not afraid of anything. In fact, he dared to Grandma Gergasi, giant human eater who invaded his country.

When everyone is displaced, Pinkie actually survives. Although petite, Pinkie is a smart and brave young man.

Buum … Buum … the sound of the steps of the Grandmother Gergasi was clearly heard by the little finger hiding among the tree branches.

Pinkie peeked and saw the form of the scary and scary Grandma.

“Why is it so quiet? Where are all humans? I’m hungry! “Shouted Grandma Gergasi. She shouted repeatedly, but nothing appeared. She began to get angry.

Suddenly, a voice was heard.

“Ha ha ha ha…! You’re late! I eat all the humans in this country. Now, your turn arrives. I heard, your meat is delicious! ”

Grandma Gergasi looked around. Nobody.

The ambush became frightened and ran as fast as he could

“Hey don’t run! I want to eat you! “The voice shouted

Geez, gosh, don’t eat me, “Grandma Gergasi kept running.

Pinkie out of hiding place. Apparently he was the one who frightened Grandma Gergasi. All residents of the country called back. They were all relieved that the Gergasi Grandmother had left.

The king thanked Pinkie. He then invited Pinkie and her mother to live in the palace, Pinkie was appointed as a warlord.

One day, Pinkie looked nervous.

“I want to marry the king’s daughter, ma’am. I love him, “said Pinkie.

“Is it true? “If so, I will accompany you to speak to the King,” said his mother.

Accompanied by his mother, Pinkie faced the King and expressed his wishes. The king was angry and expelled Pinkie from the palace.

“Wait, Father. I want to marry him. Isn’t he the one who saved our country? “Prevented the Princess.

Finally, with a heavy heart, the King also allows Pinkie to marry his daughter.

After marriage, Kelingking and Putri lived in their own palace. However, there is something strange about Pinkie. Every night, he always went outside the palace and only returned early in the morning.

Out of curiosity, the Princess was stalking him. Apparently, Pinkie went to a lake and bathed there. Putri was relieved that her husband only took a shower. Even so, she was surprised, why her husband had to take a bath in the lake every night.

One night, the sleeping Princess heard her door open. When he opened his eyes, how shocked the princess saw a mighty man in his room.

The princess almost screamed, but she wrapped his face around the man’s little finger.

“My husband?” He asked doubtfully.

“Yes,” Pinkie said happily. “I’m your husband!” he said again, showing his little Pinkie.

Pinkie then tells what happened. Apparently, in the past when Grandma Gergasi had rushed, a piece of paper had fallen from her pocket.

On the paper there is a map of a lake which is said to enlarge anyone’s body. Pinkie was looking for the lake and try all the instructions written on the floor plan. And, he succeeded!

Now, the Pinkie’s body is the size of a normal human being, and the Pinkie becomes the king, replacing his old in-laws.