Today lions and bears plan to hunt. The sunny air is indeed very suitable for finding prey. The bear gladly accepted the lion’s offer. They went to the green pasture.

“Today we will hunt deer calves. Usually a lot of fawns are roaming the grasslands,” said the lion.

“Ready!” the bear said eagerly.

The lion and bear decided to hide.

Olala, there is a fawn that is playing. Apparently, what is targeted by lions, also targeted by bears. The lion and bear immediately chased the fawn.

It did not take long for them to catch fawns. However, bears and lions instead fought over the fawns.

“This fawn is mine, I’m the one who managed to grab it with my sharp fingernails,” the bear cried.

“But I also pounced with my fangs,” said the Lion, not wanting to lose.

The two of them fight. Until it doesn’t feel like the day is getting late. They become very tired.

Olala … apparently there was a wolf who was also stalking the fawn. When the wolf saw the lion and the bear were exhausted, he immediately grabbed the fawn, and then took him away.

The bear and lion tried to chase the wolf, but because they were too tired, they could not catch him. Wolves run far faster than bears and lions that are already exhausted. It’s useless what lions and bears do.

“If only we were about to share, surely we would be both full,” said the lion.

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to budge with you earlier,” muttered the bear, regretfully.

But regret means nothing. The calf they fought for had been taken by the wolf. Today they did not get any prey. Tomorrow if they hunt again, they promise to share. After all they are good friends.

Moral message :

By sharing, we can make other people happy, and our hearts become calmer.