One time, a lion was running from the hunter’s pursuit. If there is only one hunter, he will easily fight it. But these are nearly ten hunters chasing him. One arrow pierced the lion’s leg. Even so, the lion still ran even with a whimper of pain.

In the middle of the forest, the lion found a cave that was quite dark. Without much thinking, he entered and took refuge in it. For days the lion was in the cave. The wound on his leg just got worse. Until to get out of the cave alone the lion could not.

On the fourth day, the lion met a mouse who apparently also lived in a cave. Seeing a lion in pain. Mice feel sorry.

“Help me, rat. Remove the arrow that stuck in my leg. I was in pain” said the Lion, really in pain.

“Alright, I’ll try to let it go. Hold it a little because it will definitely hurt a lot when it’s released,” said the rat, preparing to give the signal.

That’s true The lion roars loudly enough as the rat tries to pull out the arrow that pierced the lion’s leg. Mice were shocked to hear the roar of a lion. But, the arrow was successfully removed. Do not stop there, Rats also continue to treat the lion’s pain with care. Until finally slowly the lion’s wounds began to disappear.

“Thank you, Rat. You have taken care of me. Now I can go, “said the lion.

“Go away,” said Mouse. He was pleased that he could help the Lion.

One day, mice get a big problem. He fell into a river full of crocodiles. The mouse repeatedly asked for help. But no one answered his call. Finally the rat was desperate and ready to accept his death that day. But suddenly the lion caught the mouse quickly and brought it to the shore. Mice were so surprised to see a lion.

“Why should you be surprised. You helped me, mouse. So it is not wrong if I did the same thing,” said the lion, smiling.

Mice still gasped in disbelief. It turns out that his kindness to the lion is still remembered by the lion. And today the lion helped him from the threat of crocodiles.

Moral message :

The good that we do will never be in vain. Because sometimes we don’t know who will help us when we are in trouble.