On a fairly large corn plantation, there is a farm dog looking for prey. Every day the dog is roaming around observing animals that disturb the corn farmers.

One morning, the dog saw a rabbit from a distance. The rabbit was engrossed in eating young shoots of corn. The dog then walked slowly to the Rabbit. But it is known by Rabbits, because Rabbits have long ears and are very sensitive to sound.

“Looks like someone is following me,” Rabbit muttered.

Rabbits also swiftly avoid the dog. Quickly, he jumped. The dog chases the Rabbit, he continues to run without stopping. But the Rabbit is also very fast in jumping so that the Dog loses track of the Rabbit.

“Where is the Rabbit? Even though I almost caught him, “snorted the dog, annoyed.

The dog starts to sniff out the smell of Rabbit. Shortly thereafter, he found the rabbit. Now he chases the Rabbit faster than before. However, he could not chase Rabbit too. Finally the dog gave up and did not chase the rabbit again.

Apparently the incident was seen by a crow sitting on a tree.

“It turns out that the rabbit is faster than you,” said Crow to the Dog.

“Don’t you see a very striking difference between me and the rabbit?” Asked the dog.

“What’s the difference?” Asked the Crow.

Crows are confused because they don’t see the difference. Quietly. The dog said that he ran to catch food, while the Rabbit ran to defend his life. A desire will determine the rigors of a business.

Crows can only nod. It is also true what the dog said. Ah! Really he did not think to get there.

Moral message :

If you have a strong desire, it must be followed by hard work as well. Your desire can be achieved if you try hard.