Japan is an earthquake-prone region. In its territory there are many faults of the bowels of the earth, also active volcanoes. That is scientific. However, about the earthquake, Japanese people have their own legend.

According to their legend, the earthquake was caused by the movement of giant eels in the bowels of the earth. The eel is blind, so it crashes into whatever it passes. The collision caused the earthquake.

The legend begins in a quiet and peaceful village. In that village lived a kind-hearted young man named Utaro. One day, when he was about to go to work, Utaro met a group of children who were playing on the edge of a rice field. Some of them were seen banging wooden sticks on the ground.

“What are they doing?” Utaro asked silently.

Apparently the children were trying to catch an eel. The eel is unable to avoid the children’s sticks. Feel sorry for? Utaro then prevented.

“Don’t disturb the eel. Poor, don’t you. Come on, let’s go find another game. Don’t hurt the animals!” Ban Utaro.

The children left. Poor eel was immediately away to the rice fields. Then the kind-hearted Utaro resumed his journey.

Working all day makes Utaro’s body very tired. It was not yet night, but his eyes felt very heavy. However, just when his eyes were about to close, a knock came on his door.

Knock … knock … knock …

“Tumben, who are you to visit at this time of night?” He thought.

When the door opened, Utaro was pleasantly surprised. It turns out that a beautiful girl is knocking on his house.

“Please … I’m lost and late on the road. Allow me to spend the night here, sir,” begged the girl.

“Eh … er … er … please come in!” Utaro said nervously.

That night Utaro had to be willing to sleep on the porch, so that the beautiful girl could rest in peace. The next day, very early in the morning, the girl was awake.

“Sorry, actually I live alone. My parents have long been gone and I also do not have a home anymore to shelter,” said the beautiful girl. “Sorry I said dishonest last night.”

“Then what should i do?” Utaro asked confused.

“Please marry me, sir. I don’t know where else to go?” Begged the lovely girl, “I promise to be a faithful wife and work hard every day to help you.”

Utaro felt sorry. After all, he just happened to not have a match. Now, before him was a beautiful girl who was ready to be his wife. Eventually they got married, lived happily, and were blessed with a child.

One day, unlike usual, Utaro came home earlier than he worked. When he got home he found the situation very quiet. The door to the house was locked tightly. Intrigued, he tried to peek through the gap in the window.

“Oh, my God!” He shouted in surprise.

Utaro saw an eel-like animal circling on the floor of the room. In the center of the body circle the eel lay its infant child. Strangely, his son was not afraid at all. In fact, it looks like he’s joking.

“Could my wife be an eel incarnation?”

Utaro was confused and frightened, he then went to calm down, he decided to return in the afternoon to confirm his guess.

However, in the afternoon, Utaro found that the house was normal again. His wife is carrying her child. Utaro acted as if nothing had happened.

Although trying to be reasonable, the wife apparently already knew that her husband had seen it in its original form. Pity for her husband, the wife was forthright.

“I know you have seen my true form. I am indeed the eel incarnation that you once helped. I just want to repay that kindness by serving you. However, now I must go, because you already know who I really am. Please look after our children well- well. He’s a human like you, “explained the sad wife.

The wife then gave him a small ball.

“If our baby is thirsty or hungry, give this ball to him to suck,” he ordered later.

Now, Utaro must raise his child alone. Armed with a small white ball his wife gave him, the baby grew healthy. Never once was the baby sick. That made the neighbors surprised. How can a baby without mother’s milk grow healthy and never get sick anyway?

Inquired had inquired, finally the secret of Utaro raising his child was revealed as well. The miracle of his little white ball finally spread to all corners of the country and reached the ears of the country’s rulers. Unlucky for Utaro, because then the Ruler seized his magical little ball.

Furthermore, the days became very troublesome for Utaro. He could no longer calm down to work because the baby continued to cry, thirst and starve. Only a small white ball that can make the baby’s cry subsided. Utaro was confused and desperate. He went to the edge of the lake.

“Help me, my wife,” he cried in despair.

Suddenly the surface of the lake was bumpy, then from inside came a very large eel.

“What’s the matter? Why do you look so sad?” Asked his wife’s eel incarnation.

It is told about the little white ball which the ruler seized. As a result, the child continues to cry hunger and sickness now.

“My husband, that little ball is actually my own eyeball. If it is smoked by our baby, the ball will be a substitute for milk,” explained the eel. “I give one more eyeball.

For the sake of our baby, I’m willing even though I have to be blind. Take our baby away from the village so that my eyeball, which is living this one, is no longer taken by anyone. ”

“Thank you, my dear wife,” cried Utaro.

After giving one more eye, the eel, now blind, then returned to the bottom of the lake. While her husband, Utaro, was kindhearted, went home. As his wife said, he immediately packed up to move, raising his child elsewhere.

Not long after Utaro left with his son, a big earthquake struck his former village. A very powerful earthquake. The entire building was destroyed, including the magnificent palace of the ruler.

That said, the earthquake was caused by the movement of a blind eel that crashed into the ground just below the village.